Masandawa Held To Score Draw In Polokwane

Mamelodi Sundowns were held to a 1 – 1 draw by Sekhukhune United at Peter Mokaba Stadium on Saturday afternoon. 

Peter Shalulile scored at the brink of half time following a superb build-up in play from Themba Zwane and Gaston Sirino, passing the ball into Shalulile’s path before firing beyond Toaster Nsabata on the bounce.

Masandawana’s usual slick attacking play kept the home team on their toes in the opening 45-minutes, Shalulile came close to goal early in the start of the game but his goal was denied after being called for an offside. The Tshwane giants continued to threaten Babina Noko in their half, Khuliso Mudau’s shot at goal narrowly went past Nsabaa’s top post, followed by Aubrey Modiba’s long range shot a few minutes later.

The Brazilians took charge of the encounter by dominating possession and winning the ball whenever the hosts tried to find their own players, forcing Sekhukhune to defend deep and look to play on the counter-attack. After 30 minutes of trying to penetrate through the defense, Mshishi had the chance to shoot in the box but slipped before he could connect with the ball and Sekhukhune regained possession and dispatched the danger.

Roderick Kabwe of Sekhukhune fired a shot from outside the box but caused no problems for Ronwen Williams who had little action in the encounter. Bafana Ba Style were awarded with their first free kick after Nyiko Mobbie’s handball outside the penalty area, three Sundowns players stepped up but it was Modiba who took the shot at goal before the ball went over the bar.

A brilliant build up in play amongst Mudau, Zwane and Sirino set up Namibian international Shalulile on to get his third league goal in the DStv Premiership. Zwane combined a fine pass to Sirino who beat the offside trap before passing to Shalulile who went into the net with the ball to give Masandawana a lead in the game before the referee’s whistle brought an end to the first half in Polokwane.

The visitors were much improved after the break, Downs lost the ball as they resumed play in the second half and Sekhukhune charged forward in attack after stealing the ball from the center line.  Linda Mntambo pulled one back for Babina Noko in less than a minute of the restart with an assist from his teammate Tshegofatso Mabasa.

Neo Maema was booked for foul play on Mntambo shortly after the home side equalized, however Sekhukhune could not extend their lead from the free kick given to them. The battle continued and much improved attack after the break was shown by The Brazilians, stretching the home side with their play out wide. Zwane was in action again with a long shot at goal and this time came closer to Nsabata’s goalposts. 

Shalulile had a chance to score a brace in the 60th minute, finding himself in the box before lining up his shot, Sello Motsepe made no mistakes in clearing out the ball and a corner kick was awarded to Sundowns. Sirino followed up with a chance to extend the lead from the corner kick, but the 31-year-old winger struck to the top of the net.

Mosiatlhage Abednego let Downs off the hook when he fired into the hands of Williams five minutes before the game concluded. The Brazilians looked more fierce in the closing stages of the second half, Shalulile and Sipho Mbule’s efforts to steal the winning goal were denied by Nsabata and both teams walked away with a point each.

This is how we lined up: R. Williams, A. Modiba (82′ Lakay), K Mudau (82′ Morena), B. Onyango, R. De Reuck, T. Mokoena, S. Mkhulise, N. Maema (82′ Kapinga), T. Zwane (82′ Mbule), G. Sirino (73′ Kutumela), P. Shalulile 

Subs: K. Mweene, T. Morena, M. Lebusa, M. Mvala, L. Kapinga, A. Jali, L. Lakay, S. Mbule, T. Kutumela

11 Responses
  1. Sbedula

    It was a bad game and we should have won that game, very slow and casual on the ball first minute of the second half and we got punished. if we play the way we play against stellebocsh we will be punished

    1. Ronnie Bothma

      It’s difficult to criticize Zwane for losing the ball that lead to the goal… Those types of tricks creates goals for us… He just needs to be wary the next time where he does it… Final third is fine. Not in the middle or the back. We could have scored more in the first half… Onyango good one on one so always needs to position himself properly on the field and plus he’s slow. We didn’t really play bad… But we didn’t create enough in second half.

  2. Downs4ever

    I said it b4 that we don’t give our opponents the same respect,nd also complained about the useless back heels with Zwane as the chief culprit.We can’t blame the defenders when it’s Zwane who made unforced error with his back heel,we were all on the attack mode.We substituted Sirinoh who was our only life wire when th likes of Maema and Zwane were cheaply losing the ball,the introduction of Kutumela made things worse.Our coaches you would think they sometimes smoke dagger b4 the game,against Chiefs when we’re winning they replaced early,today when we needed to force a win they replaced late.Atleast Mbule made positive contribution within a short period than Kutumela.Modiba is not pulling up his socks,he has been playing badly in the past 4 games.I think Morena should have been played alongside Shaulile instead of Kutumela.Our coaches lack that cleverness if opponents can score first the become raddled and we don’t comeback or when they equalised they seem to run out of ideas hence I always say we’ll never win champions league with them at the helm.We lacked zeal,hunger,sense of urgency and willingness to win today.

  3. Muzi Kunene

    Let me express my disappointment, I think our downfall was beating our arch rivals with a heavy score last week,I repeat this game was easier to won than drew and I have a problem with my lovely Wisemen it seems they just let this players do as they pleased in all our games,first too many back passes at the back especially to the goalkeeper, slow build up and undermining the so called small teams.
    If We continue like this qe will kiss the Champs League in early stages, they knew very well that Onyango doesn’t have speed and if we can get fast players we’ll be exposed big time and our goalkeeper eintlik all of them hold too much on to the ball till our opponents cover the space,lastly but not least learn to substitute early don’t wait few minutes to go,I don’t know what’s exactly they always saw on Kutumela tjat warrants him a chance to play where we have capable players like Erasmus and Motupa.
    If Saavedra keep on geeting injured pls release him instead of Sofranko.

  4. Muzi Kunene

    Our coach Manqoba on his postmatch interview cried about wasteful chances especially in the first half but I dont buy that coach you should have told yo players that and shout and substitute them if they’re doing the opposite not to sit down as if all is good,Modiba wants to take freekicks even the anhle is awkward and he’s very selfish but come nezt game he’ll be on the starting line up,I agreed with my fellow Dawanas Mbule should get more minutes not less than ten,what happened to Ralani

  5. Zipho

    Domingo had 1 bad game n he is now in the stands,yet Kutumela,Mudau,B.Onyango, r guaranteed game time in our nxt game,they even failed to substitute Mudau when he was continuously bleedind…….FAVOURITISM is our delaying our progress.Y substitute Sirino when he is our best player on the pitch???? As soon as Maboe recovers,he will join this short list of “favourites” who r Not performing bt r playing week in n wrek out

  6. Boh

    i agree with Zipho ….why taking Sirino out you could see he was pissed and its very discouraging as a player…when your doing well on the picth..for no reoson out…..anyway…WHAT WAS THE PLAN BEHIND OUR SUBS…..MEMBERS ARE RIGHT Manqoba has no right to say players were not doing what he wanted…that is amazing while he was the one who enjoyed keeping them on the pitch….unless he is not in charge of this team….please dont insult our inteligense…its upseting… you did see that we wasteful..but did nothing…wooow…

  7. Calvin

    We are very predictable in the final third, unnecessary back hills and trying to create tap ins for Shalulile, we don’t take shots from outside the box, our wing backs (Mudau and Modiba) are not assisting us going forward, poor crosses.

    Zwane is 1 of our key players, but should be reminded that isn’t bigger than Sundowns (he lacks hunger) because he’s always in the field of play.

    currently Sirino is our best player, but they substitute him WHY? favouratism.

    We need players that will create opportunities for Shalulile and take shots from outside the box if our initial plan fails.

  8. Boh

    Members on MSHISHI……im not a profesional…but like most young boys i played the the….i blv and i know….when your playing as a keeper (William)…you mostly count on your defence….and if they are your week link…it gives you a lt of pressure..your bound to make mistakes…and defense has the same feeling if goalkeeper is weak…..midlefieders become defensive all the time,if their defense is weak as team get no creativity…frontline keep wondering about….so izolo…Mshishi…and Sirino…hed to do everything…i think..he ran more than everyone…i would like to see the heat map….listen with our midlefieders on point..the supporting midlefielders GASTON/MSHISHI/MAEMA…becomes our plan of execution..looking for spaces/counterpress/dectating the pace..infuencing the momentum….creativity…thats what we lacked..and lost our identity…but we love you guys….akonakele kakhulu…40 minutes is good enough..for subs..if one player,is not coping…then to wait till he cost the whole team…and expose himself…other players are watching…he will slowly become enemy of the fans and well…think about it…..

  9. Nkoyi

    Once again, I am asking to our three coaches, especially Mokoena, the so called tactic specialist, what special do they see in Kutumela and B Onyango, these two players should be loaned or be in the the stand, because they are not Sundowns materials. Is B Onyango better than Kekana?
    Which game Kekana did not perform well?
    We all know how the pair of De Reuck and Kekana is strong, but we always see Kekana in the stand, not even on the bench. These coaches prefer Lebusa and B Onyango over Kekana and De Reuch, even though they are the ones who costed us many games. Is Kutumela better than than Erasmus, Nasir, Sanfranko or Matupa.
    Since he moved to Sundowns which game did he play well? But these three coaches prefer him than our other best strikers. For me,
    they are on mission, especially Mokoena, to discourage our best players to force them to move to other teams. And if we check well, they are not even supporting Sundowns, we all know which teams they are supporting. Sundowns management must open their eyes, we are dealing with spies in the team.

  10. Nkoyi

    Why to always substitute Sirino even though he plays well, he was our man of the match, he played better than Maema, Mokoena, and Zwane. We missed Jali and Coetze in the middle. Many of our best players are not playing like Erasmus, Kekana, Maboe, Coetze, Mbule, Sanfranko, Morena, I do not why. Too much favoritism in the team with players like Kutumela, B Onyango, Domingo, Mudau, Lebusa, Mokoena, maybe Pitso should come back to fix this mess in the team.