Mamelodi Sundowns Terminates Discussions With Al Ahly On Gaston Sirino.

Mamelodi Sundowns FC today announced that it has terminated discussions with Al Ahly SC as the clubs are too far from each other on the transfer fee for Gaston Sirino.

The good relations between the President of Al Ahly, Mr. Mahmoud El Khatib, and the President of Mamelodi Sundowns Dr. Patrice Motsepe will continue the good relations between Mamelodi Sundowns and Al Ahly but there is no point or purpose in continuing the discussions on Gaston Sirino.

Mamelodi Sundowns will continue releasing players to European, African and other football countries like it did for Percy Tau, Keagan Dolly, Bongani Zungu, Ivorian international Siaka Tiéné, and other players but the transfer fee must be competitive as Mamelodi Sundowns is consistently paying high internationally competitive transfer fees for the players that it acquires.

Gaston Sirino must now focus on his football and compete for a starting position at Mamelodi Sundowns.

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  1. Tlhako Josias

    We love Gaston and We appreciate him😭😭 I know that hell definitely make it to the starting position

    Erusmus, Shalulile, Zwane and Gaston 🔥👌

    1. Mfana

      My beloved team is feeding us lies when it comes to releasing players overseas.Zungu and Siaka Tiene never wanted to renew their contracts with the clubs&forced their way out of Sundowns.Motsepe intervened when dirty tricks were played by so called management on Dolly’s release clause when the same management appealed the same signing on fee imposed by the club.Tau again when Brigton and Hove fulfilled the signing on fee of 50 million rand again Sundowns management put on another new signing on fee of 70 million rand again Motsepe as owner&president of the club came to Tau’s rescue and gave Tau his blessings to go overseas.Again Motsepe will rescue Sirino from this amateurish style of administration.If Al Ahly puts 50 million rand for Sirino why change your tune to 90 million rand.Dont feed us false information here,Patrice Motsepe will always hold your hands(management)you have become spineless and people who lack backbone.Had u allowed Sirino to go or continued with negotiations,that would mean the club was going to recover expenses incurred when we bought the new recruits for this current season.Motsepe has so many projects to look after,can u once in your lifetime complete contractual negotiations without the resident’s intervention,instead of telling us cheap lies,that u released Zungu when he forced his way out by not renewing his contract with Sundowns.

    2. Thobelah

      Sundowns has more to lose here. They will keep on paying Sirino his salary and will have to release him for nothing when his contract comes to an end because its clear the player doesn’t want to play for the club anymore.
      Why don’t take what you can get out of him and move on.
      How much salary are you going to keep on paying and at the end he’ll be a free agent and the club won’t get any cent.

  2. Dalom

    What’s the point of keeping an unhappy player? Let the boy go, we have cover in his position. The players you mentioned above didn’t get easy to escape this prison. Why is it so difficult for a player to leave Mamelodi Sundowns. We have so many players in the stands whose careers are being destroyed.

  3. Ike les

    The players you mentioned above didn’t get easy to escape this prison,but Dalom you sound like an opposition if you’re indeed Sundowns fan please refrase so that we can understand your statement or comment for that matter

  4. muzi kunene

    Dalom you are wrong member for blaming our team,Sirino signed an extension not long ago so he must honour it,if Downs wants a player a particular team won’t badge to lower the price but instead its always expensive for us to buy the players and We pay that asking price. Al Ahly is undermining us,Downs are an international club not a development side where will listen to any disrespectful offers.
    We are competing with them if they can afford to spend big money to other players on other countries so let them do the same to our league.
    Akukho muntu ozoncengwa lana Sirino must return to the team if he fails freeze his salary until he comes to his senses.Downs didn’t block his move but Al Alhly is not willing to pay what Downs think he’s worth.Kby forever

    1. Khayz & Witness

      When you sell a player you look at the age
      Look for the happiness of your team
      You cannot keep an unhappy player because he has a contract
      We lost Billiat for free whereas we should have
      got something


  5. everwinskyblue

    Nfana and Dalom you are wrong. If Sundowns allows Sirino to leave then Sundowns is showing a bad example to other players. Any player who wants to leave will do what Sirino is doing misbehaving. He just signed 5 years contract this year now he wants to leave? Why he didn’t leave last year before signing a new contract and before Pitso went there? Sirino must stop behaving badly otherwise Sundowns must punish him

    1. Khayz & Witness

      @ everwinskyblue do you believe that our players start by not attending training

      I think they resort to mis training after they noticed that our management is negotiating in bad faith
      How can you keep on
      Increasing the price of a player… Yogesh Singh

  6. Khayz & Witness

    No the management is incompetent, how can they are always found wanting whenever there is a player that is to be released. 50 million yet you don’t want to release the player

    Sirino is 30 now , stop this selfishness,, Yogesh Singh
    You are failing boss, no

  7. Mfana

    It’s not a sin to sign a long term contract considering that u want 2 fulfill your longevity at your club.But 4 a club 2 block a player’S movement&use the same contract as a punishment it’s not on.The editor is highlighting the abovementioned overseas players Zungu,Dolly,Tau&Siaka as if they wanted to release them.And if that is the case Pitso signed a long term contract with us but is in Egypt as we speak.The editor or the management are failing to tell if they used 30 million rand to bring Sirino from Uruguay.But someone must not lie&say when the right offer comes we will release u,they say clearly once a good offer comes we will frustrate u&toy with your emotional.Signing a long term contract must not be an excuse 2 kill a player’S emotions.A Sundowns manager once fordged Torrealbar’s signature&we must defend those issues.We love our team very much but when the need arises we must absolutely the truth&only the truth.Im one of the few people who speak about Sundowns only on this platform&the management must know when they r wrong they r wrong.We played 8 games not a single game did we lose,without Sirino.We will live&conquer without Sirino.We made him not the other way around.Yes we maybe not a development team but if there’s a right offer so be it.Patrice Motsepe come wherever you are&rescue Sirino.Sundowns is going to win the league as well as the Nedbank cup without Sirino if that is the case,not to settle emotional scores with players.

  8. Lesego Mabena

    If Serino wanted to leave why did he renew and sign a 5 years deal contract?

    It is not about the management negotiating in bad faith rather him disrespecting the club and Dr Patrice Motsepe!

    No player is bigger than the team and indeed the club will be sending a, wrong message to other players!!!

    If AL Ahly wants him they must pay up period!!

  9. Mfana

    But Al Hly is prepared to pay but the management is misrepresenting Sundowns,by changing the prize tag of the player.Thats amateurish from our management,if they put a not for sale price tag,that was good.Not these prophets of doom who said Dolly,Zungu,&Tau are not prepared to play overseas,yet they are still overseas today because of Motsepe not the people who are entrusted with day to day running of the club.